Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Adam Ad Rock Horovitz Comments Publicly On The Death Of Adam MCA Yauch

Last Friday we learned the very sad news that Adam MCA Yauch of Beastie Boys passed away at the age of 47 years old. In the wake of Yauch‘s tragic and untimely death, the Beastie Boys as a whole issued a statement eulogizing MCA in a beautifully written blogpost. Today we learn that fellow Beastie [...]

Usher Raymond looks like a lean and mean fighting machine on the cover of Billboard magazine. Last we saw Usher he was in NYC performing in the experimental fusion show, Fuerza Bruta, to debut his new album. Even with a new album, Usher isn’t showing signs of slowing down. He is busy preparing for his role as Sugar Ray Leonard in the biopic Hands of Stone, with Gael Garcia Bernal and Robert De Niro. Check out Usher’s cover in full and hear more about his upcoming work on the silver screen.

The R&B singer is definitely looking toned and terrific, and Billboard is reporting that is because he has to trim down even more for his upcoming role in the boxing biopic.

Kale salad. Steamed spinach. Lean protein-organic, no hormones or antibiotics. No sugar. No carbs. It may sound like the latest celebrity torture diet, but Usher’s catering requests for his Billboard cover shoot come not from vanity but necessity: He must trim down from an already chiseled 176 pounds to the welterweight of 161 pounds in preparation for the role of Sugar Ray Leonard in the Roberto Duran biopic Hands of Stone.

“I’m actually in preparation for a very incredible role,” the R&B star told BBC. “I’m in preparation later this year to play the role of Sugar Ray Leonard in a boxing film and it’s going to be incredible.” He has been in London recently, finishing up his album and in the ring training for the film, which focuses on the life of Panamanian boxer Roberto Durán. “This is going to be an incredible movie — in time an incredible story — and I’m really looking forward to that,” Usher said.

I am very keen to see how Usher does in the boxing biopic. It is no doubt going to pose considerable physical and mental challenges for him, but if he does well, he will do really well, in my opinion. De Niro is cast as famed trainer Ray Arcell and Gael Bernal will star as Durán. I am actually pretty excited about this one…


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