Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Determines Her Father Is To Blame For Her Foibles

As we are all well aware, Lindsay Lohan has been rehabbing herself at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, CA while she awaits her next court appearance on October 22 to answer for her most recent probation violation due to 2 failed drug tests. TMZ is reporting that Lindsay has been making huge break-thrus [...]

Back in July we learned that Glee was planning to do a episode based on the cult classic film The Rocky Horror Picture Show … and today we get our first look at promo photos for the ep! Here are a couple of our fave Glee characters Finn (Cory Moneith) and Quinn (Diana Argon) in Rocky Horror drag as Brad and Magenta respectively:

Finn’s look started out “pretty bland, like the nerdy character Brad is,” says costume designer Lou Eyrich. But once Cory Monteith put on the black-rimmed glasses and got a side part in his hair, he transformed. “Cory’s just a big goofy nerd and so is Brad,” says Colfer. “He was perfect.”

“Here, Quinn [Dianna Agron] is one of the partygoers for our big ‘Time Warp’ dance scene,” says Eyrich. “When the hairstylists told us they wanted to give Dianna a pink wig, we gave her a pink top and glittery hat. To make it more youthful, we used a high-waisted pant from H&M and a gold cummerbund.” Quinn does double duty in the production, joining Santana (Naya Rivera) as dual versions of kinky-wigged domestic Magenta.

After the jump, check out 3 more promo photos and see what Rocky Horror characters Kurt (Chris Colfer), Sam (Chord Overstreet) and Dr. Carl (John Stamos) will portray on the ep …

“Riff Raff is the best character, and everyone was amazed at how incredible the makeup was,” says Colfer. “I was mistaken for a blonde woman a couple times. All I kept thinking was, ‘You did this to yourself, Chris.’”

“At first, Sam [Chord Overstreet] is wearing tiny little gold shorts, but then they decide that’s maybe not appropriate for a school play, so he ends up in these gold board shorts and tank top,” explains Eyrich. Overstreet was shocked when he saw what little he’d be wearing. “He was a really good sport but hit the gym extra hard,” adds Eyrich. But Colfer has no sympathy: “Ha! Take that, new guy!” Glee Rocky Horror Picture Show

When Puck drops out of the production, John Stamos’ Dr. Carl fills in — crashing his motorcycle through a stage wall. Since it’s difficult to imagine hunky John mimicking a role played in the film by Meat Loaf, Carl does “his own sexy version of Eddie to intimidate Will [Matthew Morrison],” says Eyrich. “It was actually John’s idea to do a take-off on Elvis’ leather-suit look from his 1968 TV special.”

As I’ve made clear before, I don’t really like The Rocky Horror Picture Show but I must admit, these promo pics give me hope that the ep will be fun despite the fact that I’m not a fan. I cannot wait to see which Rocky Horror characters the other Glee characters will portray. This looks fun. What do YOU think Rocky Horror fans? Are you impressed?


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