Saturday, October 9, 2010

More Unreleased Photos Of Michael Jackson For Sale

Back in June we learned about a one of a kind auction of previously unreleased photographs of Michael Jackson shot by photographer Arno Bani. As the auction date draws nearer, we get to check out another of the famed photos of the late King of Pop that will go on the auction block in December: [...]

The new season of Sesame Street is already in full swing and even tho Katy Perry (and her heaving bosom) are persona non grata folks like Oprah Winfrey have already been featured on the iconic children’s TV series. In addition to Her Holy Oprahness, salty actor Colin Farrell has also been welcomed to Sesame Street … for some strange reason:

He’s known for his colourful language, womanising ways and love of the drink. But despite his hellraiser reputation, Colin Farrell was bizarrely picked by TV bosses to make a guest appearance on children’s show Sesame Street. It comes just weeks after producers of the hit American programme pulled scenes of Katy Perry after a YouTube video of her in the sketch, wearing a very low cut dress, attracted complaints from parents who deemed her attire too racy. In the skit, Irish-born Farrell, 34, and some of the puppet characters investigated the word ‘investigate’. Murray the Monster seemed most impressed with the actor, telling Farrell he was ‘tall and handsome’ and ‘pretty smart’. Farrell has said filming the guest spot was one of the high-points of his career. ‘I did a scene with Elmo and a couple of the other characters,’ he says. ‘The word of the day was “investigation.” We did a scene with a couple of talking carrots,’ he explained, before adding, ‘and shit. It was genius!’

I mean … what? It doesn’t really make much sense to me to put Colin Farrell on a kids show like this particularly because there isn’t much to gain on Sesame Street‘s part. I can see how Colin might love to be on the show, especially since he is a father of young sons. My guess is that the told him the word of the day was Investigate which he misheard as Inebriate and thought, Yeah … I can handle that. In all honesty, the clip is kinda cute. Check it out in full, after the jump …

Colin on Sesame Street may not make too much sense … but you gotta admit, he’s a charming bugger, ain’t he? I wonder what other saucy celebs Sesame Street plans to invite to appear on their show in upcoming eps.

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