Monday, October 11, 2010

What The Hell Happened To Aaron Carter?

Former teen heartthrob Aaron Carter is almost unrecognizable in his latest photos posted on Twitter.  Read more and see additional pictures of Aaron Carter below. Former teen idol Aaron Carter, 22, posted some photos of himself on Twitter and looks really ripped but also freakish! Aaron became popular as being the little cut brother of [...]
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George Michael has been released from jail after serving almost four weeks for DUI.  Read more on George Michael regaining his freedom below!

Singer href="">George Michael was released from prison after serving four weeks for driving under the influence of drugs, specifically marijuana.

The singer was released today and seems very thankful to be free.

Michael thanked everyone for their support while he was in jail and stated,  “I just want to start again.”

George was shref="">entenced to eight weeks in jail on September 14 after he crashed his car into a London photo store in July while high on prescription drugs and marijuana.

The judge ordered the singer to serve four weeks of his sentence in jail and the rest on parole.

Michael also had to pay a $2000 fine and has lost his driver’s license for five years.

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