Sunday, February 5, 2012

Susan Lucci Shuts Down All My Children Sabotage Rumors

La Lucci is firing back!
Rumors say soap legend Susan Lucci was a reason All My Children was not rebooted online like originally planned.
Lucci posted on her Facebook page that the rumors are "completely untrue" and that she found out the show wasn't going forward through the media.
La Lucci posted on her page the following:
I've been [...]

Just because you were sprung yesterday, doesn't mean you're off the hook.

While there wasn't enough sufficient evidence to keep Selena Gomez' alleged stalker Thomas Brodnicki in jail, the police have a contingency plan in place to make sure the young starlet is safe from this guy. Now that he is "free", the LAPD's Threat Management Unit plans to send a detective to re-interview this guy and if need be, but him on a mental health hold.

Why? Oh, maybe because he told the cops that he had deep conversations with God about KILLING Selenita!!! That's a red flag if we've ever heard of one!

Should officials feel he is still mentally unstable following their interview, they cold then go to court and have Tom placed under a conservatorship, making him a ward of the county. Once that is in effect, essentially the cops can have a mental healthy facility take custody of him ... in Illinois.

That sounds nice. Nice and far from Selena's home!!

This guy still sounds pretty dangerous if you ask us, but we're glad to know the police are doing everything they can to make sure our Selenita stays safe.

Stay strong, girl! They won't let this guy near you!

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