Sunday, July 1, 2012

Couple Alert: Eddie Murphy Rocsi Diaz!?!

Former BET VJ Rocsi Diaz might have snagged her a new man in Eddie Murphy!!
We think the holding hands gives it away, don't you!?! Ha!
The two were seen looking cute and casual together when they left his local Coffee Bean the other day.
Being with her must really lift his spirits after his [...]

Sucks to be Sean Kingston right now!

Sean's former landlord is suing him for basically trashing her $25,000/mo mansion! AND for leaving before his lease was up!!

But... but... the ocean waves were giving him jet ski nightmares!!!

Clearly the landlord is thinking 'not my problem' because she's more than pissed over broken lights, holes in the wall, and waterfront dock wreckage.

So with $21,397 in damages and $52,000 of owed rent, she's demanding $73, 816.85 ASAP!!!

Good luck to ya, buddy!! Our advice?? Just pay up!

[Image via WENN.]

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