Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Supernatural The Mentalist Episode Review

Supernatural’s newest episode aired on the CW network tonight with an hour full of psychics as the main attraction. Get our full review on the latest when it comes to the Winchester brothers below. The Supernatural brothers turned over a new leaf in this latest episode. After going their separate ways last week after Sam discovers that Dean had killed Amy, his friend of childhood, this week the boys are back together and working a new job despite there differences. Their reunion comes by accident though, when both travel to the town of Lily Daly, New York, psychic central, to do some investigating into a murder. In the start of the hour things are tense and uncomfortable, although Dean tries to act as if nothing is wrong when they bump into each other at a cafe. Sam however isn’t looking to forget. He just wants to work the case and be done without the small talk. The case of the week included two dead sisters, both former psychics. While one sister possessed true abilities, the other is on a murderous killing spree. After salting and burning the bones, and then finally solving the case, Sam and Dean do get back [...]

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